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After a successful career operating an award winning high-end real estate sales company, an equally award winning interior design firm and co-founding a boutique construction company, an unrivalled knowledge has amassed.


"This knowledge transcends traditional sources in the property field as there

is no more qualified professional with experience across all aspects

of property acquisition, design, construction and eventual sales than Lewis Shaw"



Acquiring this knowledge will not only reduce risk and give you a competitive advantage, it will significantly accelerate your education in the property market and give you the confidence to act when opportunities present themselves.

Learning to flip and develop property successfully will accelerate your journey to financial freedom by introducing significant cash injections to your income. 


It’s what you do with those cash injections however that will provide you with the financial freedom to weather any storm or crisis and allow you to have daily choices to do

What you want, when you want, with who you want.

After you learn how to find, re-design and sell property for a profit, you’ll learn how to set up passive income streams that literally keep the income flowing in while you sleep because as Warren Buffet famously said:

"If you don’t learn to make money while you sleep,

you’ll be forced to work until you die"


This is not just a course on how to make money in property, this is a movement to empower you with the essential life skills that our traditional education system failed you in.